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Berry Berry Fine

Berry Berry Fine


Hauteur: 30". 

Temps de floraison: Tardive

Type de fleur: semi double
Hybrideur: Smith, D.R. 2004
Couleur: Lavendre
Grosseur de la division: 3-5 yeux


Texte d'enregistrement : Seedling # IC 95-30R. Parentage: Lactiflora ‘Martha W.’ x tree peony Golden Era. First bloomed 2001. Single to semi-double flowers are deep lavender pink highlighted with darker pink streaks and veining and large dark plum colored basal flares. An attractive center contains a very sparse ring of stamens and generally 5 light green carpels with dark pink stigmas surrounded by a pink sheath. Plant height to 30 inches. Mild but pleasant fragrance. Buds: 2 per stem.

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