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Canary Brilliants

Canary Brilliants


Hauteur: 28". 

Temps de floraison: Tardive

Type de fleur: Semi Double
Hybrideur: Andersson R-F 1999
Couleur: Crème, jaune apricot
Grosseur de la division: 3-5 yeux


Texte d'enregistrement : Herbaceous x tree hybrid. Pollen parent. D-75. Seed parent. 'Martha W.' seedling. First bloomed 1989. First propagated 1992. Yellow, semi-double to double. Height 26-28". Light beige in bud, opening semi-double to full double. Some blooms remain light yellow while others become very brilliant in color. This is a very deceiving plant. It has long stems and good green foliage. Should make a good cut and drying flower. No pollen or seeds.


Vidéo provenent de R2 Flowers

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