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Diana Park

Diana Park


Hauteur: 42". 

Temps de floraison: Hâtive

Type de fleur: Double
Hybrideur: Bockstoce, W.S. 1942
Couleur: Rouge
Grosseur de la division: 5-7 yeux


Texte d'enregistrement : Officinalis x Chinensis. Fine carmine red. A lovely type bloom of officinalis hybrid with a single row of guard petals fully formed. The center is full of lacinated petals entirely surrounding the base, which converge into full, uniform petals throughout the balance of the bloom. Texture and color is splendid and seems to be resistant to the sun. Grows to 42". General effect, full rose. Pleasing fragrance.


Vidéo provenent de R2 Flowers

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