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Douce Beauceronne

Douce Beauceronne


Hauteur: 28". 

Temps de floraison: Milieu

Type de fleur: Semi Double
Hybrideur: Maltais
Couleur: Rose pâle tirant sur le blanc
Grosseur de la division: 5-7 yeux


Un superbe plant pour un aménagement paysager avec une fleur blanche.


Texte d'enregistrement : Lactiflora seedling of unknown parentage. First bloomed 2004, first propagated 2009. It is a flower-in-flower form with stamens very little, if at all, transformed. Flowers open pink but fade to white. The center “flower” holds its pink color longer while the outer petals fade, giving a delicate two-tone effect. Petals are narrow relative to their length; mostly with frilled edges finely notched. Flower form and shape is constant, making for an overall graceful presentation in the landscape. Self-supporting upright grower to 28 inches (72 cm) in height which stands up very well under rain. Averages three buds per stem; flowers 6 inches (15 cm) in size; fragrant. Has pollen and makes seeds.

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