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Hauteur: 30". 

Temps de floraison: milieu

Type de fleur: Double
Hybrideur: Bockstoce / Landis / Allan Rogers 2004
Couleur: Rose nuance blanc
Grosseur de la division: 5-7 yeux


Texte d'enregistrement : Herbaceous hybrid. Seedling number unknown, parentage unknown. Full double flowers, 1-3 per stem. Opens dark pink, matures to white centre with pink picotee edge. Blooms early-mid season. No fragrance. Height to 32 inches, with very strong stems. Plant received from Henry Landis (Willowdale, ON, Canada) with the name ‘Joker’, and said to be one of the Bockstoce seedlings obtained by Landis shortly after the death of W. S. Bockstoce (Pittsburgh, PA) in 1963. Photo on file.

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