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Pink Hawain Coral

Pink Hawain Coral


Hauteur: 36". 

Temps de floraison: Milieu

Type de fleur: Semi Double
Hybrideur: Klehm, RG. 1981
Couleur: Orangé Rose 
Grosseur de la division: 5-7 yeux

Un superbe plant pour un aménagement paysager

Texte d'enregistrement : semi-double hybrid; parentage, Charlie's White x Otto Frobel; first bloomed 1972. Pink coral, semi-double, good substance, stamens, pollen, fragrant, no seeds, good amount of bloom; 36-inch height, early, good foliage, excellent stem strength. Cupped and rounded double and triple row of guard petals holding an attractive coral and pinkish array of petals. The semi-double blooms are especially becoming with their golden stamens. Seedling # F7


Vidéo provenent de R2 Flowers

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